Winter Hiking Day Trips near Munich: Lake Tegernsee & Seefeld

I recently read an article on the benefits of winter hiking. Scorching more calories, building muscle, lasting fat-burning effect – AND: empty trails. Do you need more arguments to get up? Whose new year’s resolution was to get fitter, healthier? Well, then move your butts and pick one of these hiking trips near Munich.

Lake Tegernsee

This one is easy. I mean, I have shared so many different hiking routes already. Whether you hike from Gmund to Rottach-Egern, hike up the Wallberg or take a shorter route, the views are always breathtakingly beautiful. My favorite tour is the winter hiking route up the Wallberg. Always worth it!

Seefeld in Tyrol

This one is perfect for a day trip. Just take the Flixbus from Munich to Seefeld and exit at the Rosshütte Valley station. It is not even a two-hour drive. So, very relaxing.

During winter, it is a pretty similar path to the summer route, only with minor changes. Simply follow the ski-touring sign and you are good to go. You can either hike, go touring or snowshoeing, this is up to you. It is an easy two-hour hike and afterwards, you can enjoy the little winter village, watching the cross-country athletes, go iceskating or simply sip some hot punch.

As you can see in the pictures above, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. Just get out there, have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Your mind and body will be thankful.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

Lake Eibsee at the Zugspitze

Mountain biking, trail running, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, SUP, wellness – they have it all, right at lake Eibsee at the Zugspitze.

A friend and I stayed at the Eibsee hotel, just for the weekend to refuel our energy. Since we basically had no plans at all, we just started hiking up the mountains, simply following our gut.

It was insane. In one day we had rain, hail, snow, thunder and sunshine. Totally crazy. But we just kept going, trying to find the perfect view of the lake and ended up in Austria. A 24k hike through crazy weather conditions. But the view was worth it.

Afterwards, we just chilled at the spa and had a wonderful time, simply enjoying ourselves.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

Hike, Climb & Run at the Fockenstein near Lake Tegernsee

For those of you who love the combination of hiking, a little free-climbing and trail running, I got a special tip for you: the Fockenstein at Lake Tegernsee.

With public transportation, take the train from Munich to Gmund and then the bus to Bad Wiessee. Hop off at Söllbach and then follow the hiking path to the Aueralm via Sonnenbichl.

After a short stop at the Aueralm, go up to the Fockenstein. Make sure not to take the easy forest road. Just about 100m north of the Aueralm, you can make a right, heading into the woods.

That’s where you wanna go, hiking and climbing via a small ridge all the way up to the Fockenstein.

This route is a bit more difficult with free-climbing sections, if you like, but it is also less crowded.

On top of the mountain, you can enjoy magical views over the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. When the weather is good, you can see the Zugspitze as well as the Großglockner. Simply beautiful.

When you are ready to go back down, follow the sign to the forest road, back to the Aueralm. A pretty cool trail for runners. Love it! All in all, it is a nice little day tour, around 22k – elevation gain: ca. 1,000 m.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

Summer Hiking in Seefeld

The mountain range in Seefeld, Tyrol, is spectacular. Lying on a plateau between the Wetterstein mountains and the Karwendel, Seefeld offers magical views. However, I could not stay there for more than two days in a row. Since I prefer trail running over hiking, I would always choose Graubünden in Switzerland or the Berchtesgaden Alps for my longer training sessions. BUT, although Seefeld is not really a trail paradise, it surely is a lovely hiking destination.

Summer Hiking in Seefeld

I gotta admit: the heat is killing me. 35 – 40 degrees Celsius in Germany, working ten hours a day is pretty tough this summer. Thus, I simply escaped to the mountains, spending some time in Seefeld, Austria. It was pretty hot out there as well, but up on the mountain there was at least a nice little breeze.

For those of you who are looking for an easy hiking tour you can still do during the hot summer months, I got a little touring tip: take the Flixbus from Munich to Seefeld, Rosshütte. The hiking path starts directly at the valley station of the Rosshütte. Simply follow the signs to the Hochegg-Alm and Rosshütte, going up an easy path for about two hours. There are some steep passages, but they are very managable.

Make sure to make a stop for a nice picnic at the artificial cold water lake. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and it can be quite a romantic place, enjoying some private time. Afterwards, you reach the Rosshütte where you can make a short stop as well. For me, it is a bit too touristy and too crowded, but for families with children it could be a nice option. I just prefer it quiet and peaceful. If you are up for a challenge like me, just keep going.

From the Rosshütte, you can hike up to the Seefeldjoch and to the Seefelder Spitze, which takes about another two hours. But it is so worth it. However, there is not much shade, since you climb through alpine terrain. Make sure to bring enough fluids, wear sunscreen and a hat and try to make this tour in the early morning hours. Also, the tour to the Seefelder Spitze is for experienced hikers only.

All in all, certainly a nice tour for a day trip or a short weekend.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel