Sertig Waterfall – Sertigpass – Gr├╝nsee – Scalettapass

There are so many awesome trail running routes in Davos, but this is currently my favorite. You start in the Sertig valley, make a little detour at the waterfall to inhale all the positive energy. Then you run up the Sertigpass, go skinny dipping at the Gr├╝nsee and then run all the way up to the Scalettapass.

You simply listen to the sound of the river, melting snow and these cute little marmots. The ultimate pursuit of freedom, of feeling alive. It doesn’t get much better than this.


Rinerhorn Davos Klosters

What I love about Davos is that there are so many different trails and mountain paths that you can actually be alone, if you feel like it. During any day of the week.

One of my favorite spots is the Rinerhorn because there are so many different routes up and down this local mountain. Although it has been attracting more and more tourists, it is still more popular among locals, which I love.

Whether you wanna go mountain biking, running or hiking, this one has it all and I always discover something new. If you are a trail runner or hiker, don’t take the cable car – walk or run up the mountain either via Davos Clavadel or Sertig; it is so worth it.


Morteratsch Glacier in Pontresina

I personally like Pontresina more than St. Moritz, but generally I am a huge fan of the Engadin mountains. It is a true paradise for bikers, climbers, hikers, trail runners, basically just anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Bike Tour from Pontresina to Morteratsch

If you are looking for a relaxing ride, I can recommend the route from Pontresina to the Morteratsch glacier. However, since this is a very popular tour, especially for Italian tourists, don’t do it on weekends. Start early in the morning during the week and simply enjoy the fresh air. Cherish the glaciers while you still can. No doubt, there is something magical about them. You feel it from the moment you ride towards the glacier tongue, it’s like stepping into another world.

The 10k-route is VERY easy, even suitable for kids. For mountain bikers, I would recommend the Bernina Pass tour, starting right at Morteratsch station. This one is breathtakingly beautiful and easily accessible via public transportation.

So, ride on and stay wild and free.


Swiss National Park Zernez

For those of you who are looking for peaceful, quiet tours with barely any tourists, I recommend a day trip to the Swiss National Park. I call it little Canada, a 90-minute train and bus ride from Davos Klosters. You simply take the train to Zernez and from there you just hop on the bus which will drop you off at all the different hiking stops.


One of my favorite spots is the Fuornbach. There is just one spot right down at the river bank that reminds me of Canada and my great times in Alaska. I could just sit there for one or two hours, having a picnic, doing nothing. This is a place you just fall in love with.

I combined the walk along the river with a nice little hike near the Italian border. You can either hike to the Fuorntal or to Alp la Schera – both are very easy hikes for the whole family. No special requirements or difficulties, just beautiful nature.

So, if you are looking for a relaxing summer far from the crowds, this one should be on your list.

Just one little side note, if you decide to take your car. There are construction works on the road, which can be annoying if you are planning a road trip. Currently, public transportation is less stressful.


Z├╝genschlucht Davos

You are looking for a little bit of romance, nostalgia and some quiet time? Well, then this hiking classic might be the right tour for you.

It is a very easy 10k walk starting in Davos Monstein, via Davos Wiesen, to Filisur. Make sure to schedule in some time for a romantic picnic at one of the official fireplaces. I know it sounds cheesy, but believe me, it’s worth it. You will love the atmosphere and might even fall in love with your bae all over again.

If you are visiting with your folks, you might even wanna take the nostalgic train from Filisur back to Davos. It is always a nice thing to do with your family – awesome photo stops included.