Swiss National Park Zernez

For those of you who are looking for peaceful, quiet tours with barely any tourists, I recommend a day trip to the Swiss National Park. I call it little Canada, a 90-minute train and bus ride from Davos Klosters. You simply take the train to Zernez and from there you just hop on the bus which will drop you off at all the different hiking stops.


One of my favorite spots is the Fuornbach. There is just one spot right down at the river bank that reminds me of Canada and my great times in Alaska. I could just sit there for one or two hours, having a picnic, doing nothing. This is a place you just fall in love with.

I combined the walk along the river with a nice little hike near the Italian border. You can either hike to the Fuorntal or to Alp la Schera – both are very easy hikes for the whole family. No special requirements or difficulties, just beautiful nature.

So, if you are looking for a relaxing summer far from the crowds, this one should be on your list.

Just one little side note, if you decide to take your car. There are construction works on the road, which can be annoying if you are planning a road trip. Currently, public transportation is less stressful.