Hello Bike Season 2023

I had a little “bikecation“, enjoying a long weekend off, riding my bike, checking out the latest bike stuff at the Cyclingworld Europe and simply hanging with a great crowd.

Cyclingworld Europe

They call it Europe‘s finest bike show for a reason. Bike and e-bike enthusiasts come together to explore the latest trends, try new bikes, meet like-minded people or to simply get inspired for the upcoming bike season.

Gravel and cargo bikes are becoming even more popular, so does bike packing and I also noticed a higher interest in e-bikes, being a sustainable alternative for either public transportation or your car. Sustainability was obviously omnipresent. Let me just say: Hello wooden bikes or wooden art.

What I always digg at these shows is the whole bike culture. I love the attitude and lifestyle, always meeting new people or discovering hot stuff or cool brands such as STYRKR or Cyclepunks. Loved it.

Getting fit for the bike season

I myself started with my workout routine to get fitter this season. Since the weather was perfect, I literally rode my bike till it hurt.

But I already created my bucket list and cannot wait to get out there. Wild and free!


Health benefits of a salt cave

I recently visited a salt cave for the very first time and really liked it. It was sort of a grotto filled with large amounts of salt. A variety of salts ― Dead Sea, Himalayan, rock salt, etc. ― filled the climate-controlled space and turned it into a meditative setting.

At first, I was a bit skeptical, but I really needed a short break from the past crazy months, having worked 24/7, seven days a week. And I gotta say, this 50-minute session really did the trick and I got to hit my reset button. The air felt sooooo good, it was extremely quiet and peaceful, I almost fell asleep.

The health benefits aren‘t really scientifically proven, but salt caves are supposed to help with improved breathing, they boost your immune system, help fight infections, anxiety or stress and are good for a juvenile-looking skin. Well, since I only attended one session, I can neither confirm nor deny those theories, but I do know that I will integrate it in my after-workout-routines ‘cause it is soothing and relaxing.


Nature Reserve Teuto­burg Forest: Externsteine Rocks

This one is on my bucket list for 2023. I recently explored part of this Nature Reserve at the Exsternsteine rocks and loved it, especially since it is pretty close to my new home. For hiking, biking or just some relaxing runs, this area is pretty neat and I cannot wait to discover it further with my dear friend Alexa.

Exsternsteine Rocks

The Externsteine rock formation is undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural monuments in the Teutoburg Forest region. Millions of years ago, these originally horizontal layers of rock were shifted into a vertical position and presumably owe their current extraordinary form to the action of water over millions of years and the friction of ice during the Ice Age. An impressive display of the geological forces that have shaped our world. The stones appear other-worldly to some of the 500,000 or so people who visit the attraction each year, and some even say that they have magical powers…

Closer examination of the five sandstone columns reveals that they had fascinated our very early ancestors in a similar fashion. They are marked not just by water erosion, but also by the hands of men. The people who lived in this area in the Middle Ages appear to have established a place of Christian worship here, with a grotto, a grave and a relief showing biblical scenes all visible today. The relief depicting Christ’s descent from the cross is regarded as a work of art of European importance. In the 19th century, some rather more secular features were chiselled in to the rock: a stairway leading up to a viewing platform. (source: NRW Tourism)

I cannot wait to be back.


NFL Munich Game Highlights 2022

Wow, what an epic event: the NFL Munich Game – the first game in Germany. My brother and I joined the full football experience in Munich, celebrating five days of American football, hanging with the Patriots and the Bucs – our two favorite teams.

Pats Nation with Sebastian Vollmer

On Thursday evening, we joined the Patriots for an awesome kick-off to the game week in Munich. At the German pub Herrschaftszeiten, the Pats invited all fans for a nice gathering, simply hanging with the football family. It was very smooth and relaxed, great food and drinks, awesome games and talks, simply a pretty cool atmosphere. In my opinion, it was one of the best fan gatherings hosted in Munich.


On Friday night we got together with the Football Bromance community at the Audi Dome – a unique fan event with international NFL stars, American TV hosts and lots of interactive fan games. I don’t think there was anything similar at other international games. The fandom in Germany is amazing, pretty sick.

Go Bucs

Some of you may already know that my brother and I are huge fans of Tom Brady and Gronk. We grew up with the Pats and when the dream team started playing for the Bucs, we got immediately hooked. And let me tell ya: Now, after hanging with American Bucs fans in Munich, cheering for the “pirates”, we are very fond of their fan culture. Check out my Instagram Highlights for a little recap of the game.

There are no words to describe it. I still need to digest this freaking awesome game week, still get goosebumps thinking of all the stuff we experienced, the great and kind people we met. For a few days, the current world’s craziness was paused and people from all over the world came to together as a football family: peaceful, friendly, cordial and lots of great times. Something the soccer world has been missing for many years now.

My brother and I are already planning our next football trip and I for myself am currently redecorating, starting my personal football hall of fame.


Wendelstein in Bavaria

The Wendelstein is a 1,838-metre-high mountain in the Bavarian Pre-Alps. It is part of the Mangfall Mountains and is the highest peak in the Wendelstein massif.

Usually, it gets pretty crowded and very touristy, but during fall season you will find some days that are less busy, especially when the weather is not all bright and sunny. It surely is an option when you are looking for an easy hike.


Spring touring tips in the mountains

Whoop, whoop: spring is finally here. I hope everyone is doing alright, despite these tough times. ☀️

Since I am still in my recovery phase after my head surgery & treatment, I wanted to inspire you with some of my spring classics.

My top 5 spring touring tips

  1. Now it is the perfect time to get ready for your alpine crossing: Diary Alpine Crossing Munich – Italy
  2. Check out these beautiful gorges in Bavaria and Austria: Partnachklamm Gorge & Leutaschklamm
  3. Ehrwald is a paradise for all outdoor enthusiasts: Outdoor Tips Ehrwald
  4. Plan your vacation for the mountain bonfires while it is still cheap: Mountain Fires at the Zugspitz Arena in Tyrol
  5. An all-time spring classic in Grison: Sertig Waterfall – Sertigpass – Grünsee – Scalettapass

I hope you get some time to unwind and relax, simply cherishing the little things in life. I will offer my guided tours probably some time in May again. So, see you soon.


Munich Mountains

One of the perks of living in Munich is that the mountain peaks look almost close enough to touch and it ist just 40-minute drive to the great outdoors.

Whether you like outdoor sports, are looking for a recreational area or just need to refuel your energy, you can still find some places that are not too crowded with tourists.

Sunrise tour Aueralm

Although this is a very popular tour, you can enjoy this peaceful location on a sunrise tour before it gets crowded. Make sure to start early so that you reach the mountain hut by 8 a.m. during winter season.

The hut opens at 8:30 a.m. and they serve great tea and coffee while enjoying the majestic views.


During off season and heavier snow showers, you won’t meet too many people at the Schliersee mountains. In fact, it can be very quiet and peaceful.

No matter what you are into: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, horse riding, fatbiking or simply a nice walk, it still is a great place to refuel your energy.