Hike, Climb & Run at the Fockenstein near Lake Tegernsee

For those of you who love the combination of hiking, a little free-climbing and trail running, I got a special tip for you: the Fockenstein at Lake Tegernsee.

With public transportation, take the train from Munich to Gmund and then the bus to Bad Wiessee. Hop off at S├Âllbach and then follow the hiking path to the Aueralm via Sonnenbichl.

After a short stop at the Aueralm, go up to the Fockenstein. Make sure not to take the easy forest road. Just about 100m north of the Aueralm, you can make a right, heading into the woods.

That’s where you wanna go, hiking and climbing via a small ridge all the way up to the Fockenstein.

This route is a bit more difficult with free-climbing sections, if you like, but it is also less crowded.

On top of the mountain, you can enjoy magical views over the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. When the weather is good, you can see the Zugspitze as well as the Gro├čglockner. Simply beautiful.

When you are ready to go back down, follow the sign to the forest road, back to the Aueralm. A pretty cool trail for runners. Love it! All in all, it is a nice little day tour, around 22k – elevation gain: ca. 1,000 m.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

Trail Running Tip: Latsch├╝elfurgga – Strelapass – Weissfluhjoch

During my private vacation in Switzerland I focused on my trail running training and simply wanted to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Although I have discovered mountain biking as a new sport, which I LOVE, I will always be a runner. Running up steep, high mountains, testing and challenging my personal limits, running farther, higher, faster. This is my biggest drug. I am a running addict!

Latsch├╝elfurgga – Strelapass – Weissfluhjoch

For those of you who are looking for a nice 20k run in alpine terrain, I got this special tip for you. Magical, beautiful and empowering. I started in Davos Platz and ran/hiked up the way to Latsch├╝elfurgga. There were many snow fields up there, which slowed me down, but it was also amazing. Most of the time I was all by myself, wearing a tank top, enjoying the sun, taking in these beautiful surroundings and just running through snow.

Then I took the route to the Strelapass. This time it was a bit too crowded for my taste. Too many hiking tourists so that I ran pretty fast in order to be alone again. But nevertheless, it is always gorgeous.

At the Strelapass I decided to run along the “Felsenweg”, all the way up to the Weissfluhjoch summit. I have seen magical images of the mountain ranges from some mountain bikers and so wanted to see it for myself. I loved the rocky surroundings, it was a bit rougher than the Strelapass, exactly what I needed. The way up to the Parsenn Station and then to the Weissfluhjoch summit is pretty steep. When trails are steep, breathing becomes harder, legs fatigue more quickly, and you tend to feel every painstaking step. Shortening your stride and taking quick steps help maintain efficiency on climbs. Short strides also help keep you in a more upright position, always standing tall – which I did.

WOW – the views up there are heartbreakingly beautiful. I saw the spot where they build the igloo village during winter season and some of the most magical mountain ranges. The Weissfluhjoch summit itself was rather disappointing, since it is a major tourist attraction. My recommendation: don’t take the funicular, hike or run up the summit. It is so much better. The same applies for going down. And if you are lucky, you get to see a group of alpine ibex climbing cliff face.

Up there – just breathe. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and out, then opened my eyes and had this huge satisfying smile on my face. All in all, it was a 20k run with an elevation gain of roughly 1,324 m. A magical tour!


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

The Sertig waterfall is an insiderÔÇÖs tip for ice climbing & snowshoeing in Graub├╝nden

This hot spot is nothing for the faint-hearted: the Sertig waterfall in the Sertig Valley in Davos. The ideal place for ice climbing and snowshoeing in Graub├╝nden.

Ice Climbing

Climb a frozen waterfall with ice axe and crampons and explore your own limits: Ice climbing attracts more and more adventurous winter sports enthusiasts. If you want to try this extreme sport yourself, you will find ideal conditions at the waterfall in the Sertigtal valley all winter long.

Carabiners rattle, hooks clink, ice splinters trickle. With one hand you hit an ice axe into the wall and ram the crampon into the ice. A little break. Take a deep breath and carry on. Step by step you climb the cascades of the frozen waterfall, which shimmers in the light in different shades of blue. The last piece of freedom. That’s how an ice climbing adventure in the Sertig valley could feel like. Even if you want to put crampons under your shoes right now: Prepare yourself well first – and take your first steps in the ice together with a mountain guide.


For those of you who are not fit enough to climb the waterfall – just like me – explore this magical spot on a snowshoeing tour. You can simply start at the Bergf├╝hrer Restaurant, enjoying the Sertig Valley, walking your way up to the waterfall.

Beware, the last bit to the Sertig waterfall is very steep. It is nothing for the faint-hearted and you need to be fit! Milos and our guide Beat went straight to the top, touching the ice while I did a little detour through deep powder. It was breathtakingly beautiful and simply magical.

However, this tour to the Sertig waterfall is not for beginners! If you are new to snowshoeing, simply stick to the easy valley tour and don’t go up all the way to the waterfall. For health and fitness benefits, snowshoeing is great for you. It provides a cardio workout while also building strength, agility, balance and endurance. The best part is, you get to do it all in the beautiful outdoors!

Mountain Guide

I can recommend the Bergf├╝hrer Davos Klosters as well as the Schweizer Schneesportschule Davos. Whether you wanna do a snowshoeing tour, go skiing or try something adventurous, these folks put your safety first and can make almost anything possible. I especially liked their individually tailored tours that suit your personal interest and fitness level. Special thanks to our guide Beat, who ROCKED!


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel, Davos Klosters (Marcel Giger)

Be Realistic, Plan a Miracle! – Winter Sports Tips in Switzerland

I hope you all had a wonderful start in 2019! I gotta admit, I am still a bit groggy but grateful and happy, ready for more sports and outdoor adventures, simply enjoying life and the beautiful, great outdoors. For those of you who are planning their winter sports vacation, maybe even for Easter break, I got a few tips for you.


Whether you go downhill or are up for some cruising with an E-Fatbike, just get out there, have fun and feel inspired for your next trip.


Don’t forget to just breathe every once in a while. Find your inner balance, refuel your energy and stay focused on the things that make you happy. You will find all that on a magical snowshoeing tour.

Trail Running

Well, there are times when you simply just wanna blow off steam. Work hard, play hard, get fit and be good to your body. I say: winter trail running is the best training to get fit for summer.

All-inclusive Adventure Package at the AMERON in Davos

For those of you who wanna try some of these winter sports, check out the new “You In” Program by the AMERON Swiss Mountain Resort. Simply choose the adventure package and you are ready to test all sorts of fun activities. And believe me, your inner adrenaline junkie will be thrilled.

For me personally, the AMERON has the perfect package. And no, I don’t get paid for saying this. In fact, I don’t take any money at all. It is my own personal recommendation. Over the past two years, I have tried several hotels, hostels and private accomodations. I myself don’t need a lot of luxury or pampering, but since I travel a lot and work pretty hard, I wanna feel home away from home. For mountain bikers I can truly recommend the Grischa – one of the best hotels for bike enthusiasts. But as I already wrote, I also like a wellness area, since I love to go swimming after a long ride or a tough training, simlpy relaxing afterwards. And I LOVE to unwind in the sauna. Best relaxation EVER.

Especially after my hip injury I make sure to take good care of my soul and body. And that is the reason why the AMERON is my number one choice, together with the Grischa. If you just wanna hit the trails with your bike and need an excellent bike service, then the Grischa would be your place. If you prefer a bigger variety and would like to chill afterwards in a cozy wellness area, I would pick the AMERON. It has it all: different outdoor packages for all sports enthusiasts, wellness, great food and drinks, individual health packages and even some luxury, if you want. Hence, for 2019, I will spend more time at my number one accomodation, focusing on my training.

I for myself will be doing all those winter sport activities I mentioned above, plus some cross-country skiing and mountain biking over the next weeks. Skiing & biking in the Bavarian Alps, snowshoeing in Austria and Switzerland and fatbiking in Canada. So, if you wanna meet me, you know where to find me.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

Fatbiking: Powder Fun in the Magic Mountains with the AMERON Swiss Mountain Resort


I have lost my heart in Davos. It has become my personal happy place. A spot where I can refuel my energy, strengthen my inner balance, train harder than ever achieving much better results and where I can simply be myself enjoying nature or letting out my inner adrenaline junkie. Since winter is my all-time favorite season, I ended the year with a magical sports highlight at the AMERON Swiss Mountain Resort in Davos.

Fatbiking with the maxon bikedrive

You think biking season is over? The hell it isn’t. Fatbike season has officially begun and I ended the year the way I started it. Having fun in deep powder. Thanks to the AMERON Swiss Mountain Resort I got to try a new E-Fatbike package for winter sports enthusiasts: full throttle all day long.

I admit: at first I was a bit sceptical, taking an E-Bike, since I remembered my fun ride up at Pischa, where we were just going downhill. But as soon as I hit the first trail, darn, I was so glad I had additional power. Going up through deep powder on a single trail can be difficult. The more speed I got, the easier it was going uphill, even on some trickier parts with stones and tree roots.

Full throttle through deep powder

It took me about 15 minutes getting used to this bike, getting a good feeling of how it moves, when to use more support or less. And then: HALLELUJAH! I was cruising through the valleys having a blast. Up and down, smiling, simply having fun. Seriously, for those who wanna try alternative winter sports or wanna keep riding their bike, this is it. So awesome!

It is not difficult at all. Anyone who can ride a bike, can rent this E-Fatbike, enjoying the winter wonderland. Of course, when you are new to this and don’t know the surroundings, I would recommend taking a guided tour. My personal tip: join a 2-hour fatbike tour from the Davos Klosters inside program (it is a free guest program during the winter season). Afterwards, when you got the hang of it, rent the maxon bikedrive at the AMERON and explore everything on your own.

So, let’s all ride into 2019, have fun, appreciate everything life has to offer, follow your dreams and always listen to your heart. Ride on and have a blast!

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photo and video credit: Munich Mountain Rebel

Accomodation Grischa – DAS Hotel Davos


(click here for English summary)

F├╝r mein Mountainbike und Trailrunning-Training ├╝bernachte ich jeweils im Sporthotel Grischa und muss ehrlich sagen, dass ich das Hotel auch privat gro├čartig finde. Generell brauche ich keinen ├╝bertriebenen Luxus, sondern m├Âchte mich einfach nur Zuhause f├╝hlen. Da ich meistens alleine reise, bevorzuge ich gem├╝tliche Einzelzimmer zu einem fairen Preis; sauber und komfortabel. In der Regel ist man allerdings gezwungen, ein Doppelzimmer zur Einzelnutzung zu buchen oder man erh├Ąlt ein Einzelzimmer, was gerade mal so gro├č und komfortabel ist wie eine Abstellkammer. Sehr, sehr uncool. Nicht so im Grischa. Da ist wirklich f├╝r jeden etwas dabei: f├╝r Singles und Alleinreisende, P├Ąrchen und Familien.

Die Zimmer im Grischa

Ich selbst habe jeweils in der Suite Bocktenhorn ├╝bernachtet und war rundum zufrieden: extrem ger├Ąumig, ein gro├čes Badezimmer mit Dusche und Badewanne, zwei Balkone, ein gro├čer Wohn- und Essbereich und ein sch├Âner Ankleidebereich im Flur. F├╝r eine Person fast schon zu gro├č, wenn man bedenkt, dass ich die meiste Zeit eh drau├čen in der Natur verbringe. Von der ersten Minute an habe ich mich wie zu Hause gef├╝hlt.

Vor allem das Bett war gro├čartig. Dadurch, dass ich extrem viel unterwegs bin, ist das f├╝r mich ehrlich gesagt mit am wichtigsten. Es gibt nichts Schlimmeres, als verspannt aufzuwachen. Schlie├člich liebe ich den Outdoor-Sport, um mich eben komplett zu entspannen und abzuschalten. Auch die Kosmetikserie von Rituals war eine Punktlandung. Ich versuche immer mit so wenig Gep├Ąck wie m├Âglich zu reisen, was auch Kosmetik- und Hygieneartikel betrifft. Wenn ich wei├č, dass ich im Hotel eine gute Bodylotion habe, mit der ich mich vor dem Schlafengehen einreiben kann, bin ich happy.

Trotzdem habe ich mir w├Ąhrend einer Hotelf├╝hrung auch die anderen Zimmer angeschaut und muss sagen, dass ich wirklich ganz besonders von den Einzelzimmern begeistert bin. Der gleiche Standard und Komfort wie bei den anderen Zimmern und auch nicht zu klein.

Was mir zudem gut gef├Ąllt ist, dass jedes Zimmer einen eigenen Touch hat. Im gesamten Hotel findet man au├čerdem sehr sch├Âne Naturaufnahmen, die der Inhaber selbst fotografiert hat. Das gibt dem Ganzen eine pers├Ânliche Note und passt auch richtig gut zu einem Sporthotel.


Auch hier erf├╝llt das Hotel wieder nahezu jeden Wunsch. Ob chinesisch, ausgefallene Showk├╝che, gute Hausmannskost oder ein erstklassiges K├Ąsefondue, das Grischa verf├╝gt ├╝ber f├╝nf unterschiedliche Restaurants, so dass kaum ein Wunsch offen bleibt. Auch das Fr├╝hst├╝ck kann sich sehen lassen.

Ganz egal, wonach einem ist, ob man es lieber s├╝├č oder herzhaft mag, die K├╝che ist ausgezeichnet. Ich pers├Ânlich hab genau zwei Schw├Ąchen: Burger und Schokoladenkuchen. Beides auch im Grischa eine exzellente Wahl.

├ťbrigens ist es ganz angenehm, abends nach einer Biketour drau├čen auf der Terrasse oder in der Bar zu chillen. Die Atmosph├Ąre hat mir gut gefallen und das Publikum ist wirklich sehr l├Ąssig.

Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass es ein sehr gutes Hotel ist. Vom tollen Extra-Service f├╝r MTB-Fans hatte ich ja bereits berichtet. Der W├Ąscheservice, die pers├Ânlichen Tourentipps und der Transport-Voucher sind top. Das Einzige, was ich eventuell manchmal vermissen w├╝rde, w├Ąre ein hausinternes Schwimmbad, da ich nach einem harten und anstrengenden Lauf gerne etwas Schwimmen gehe, um zu entspannen.

F├╝r zwei N├Ąchte habe ich 360 CHF bezahlt.


photo credits: Grischa – Das Hotel Davos


English Summary: Accomodation Grischa – DAS Hotel Davos

For my mountain biking and trail running training in Switzerland I stayed at hotel Grischa – a very accommodating sports hotel. Since I mostly travel by myself, I always need to book a double room for single occupancy, which is actually quite annoying. But at the Grischa they also offer spacious, comfortable single rooms for active outdoor enthusiasts like me.

Generally, they have different rooms for almost anybody: families, friends, singles, couples, business travelers. I was very surprised by the variety and the unique features of each category. My personal highlight: the sleeping place. Since I travel a lot, I really need a comfortable bed in order to relax and have a good night’s sleep. Let me tell ya: I slept like a baby – no tension in my back, neck or shoulders, extremely cozy. Almost as great as my boxspring bed at home.

Also, I loved the bathrom amenities. Most of the time I love to travel light, leaving loads of stuff at home, including toiletries. Hence, I highly appreciate it when a hotel offers high quality body lotion so that I can have my evening beauty routine. At the Grischa they collaborate with Rituals, which is excellent. Going to bed with smooth, soft skin, smelling good – what else do you need?


You can really spoil yoursel at the Grischa, choosing from five different restaurants. Whether you prefer Italian cuisine in an stylish ambiance, specialties from the grill, seasonal delicacies or authentic Chinese cuisine, they have it all, always offering the best quality. My personal favorite: burger and chocolate cake.  Sorry, but after a long run, I ALWAYS crave either a burger or chocolate cake; cannot help it. – My personal tip: enjoy a sundowner on their terrace after a nice bike ride. You will love it.

All in all, it is an excellent hotel, which I would always book myself, especiall when I take my bike with me to Davos. Thumbs up!

Norway Travel Tips

3,000 miles in one week. Insane? Totally! Worth it? Well, it depends. Together with my mom & dad I traveled from Sweden to Norway, exploring the beautiful fjords and mountains. Our route: Malm├ – Helsingborg – Halmstadt – G├Âteborg – Fredrikstad – Oslo – Lillehammer – Mj├Şsasee -Vinstra – Geiranger Fjord – Skei/Stryn – Fl├ąmbahn – Bergen.

Bergen vs. Oslo

I gotta admit that I wasn’t fond of doing any city trip. As an outdoor girl I was more into exploring the beautiful landscape and doing some outdoor activites: biking, running and hiking. Hence, my expectations were pretty low when visiting Oslo and Bergen.

If you ask for my opinion, which city is definitely worth a trip, I would clearly recommend Bergen. Of course, as the capital of Norway, Oslo has more of that big city feel and a long and rich history. And if you are interested in art, vikings and history, Oslo surely is YOUR city.

BUT for me, Bergen has it all. Surrounded by the hills – sorry, living in Munich I cannot really call them mountains – Bergen is more scenic and picturesque. The crowd seems to be cooler and more relaxed as well, more trendy. I really loved these picturesque wooden houses along the seafront as well as the little alleys – all very charming. Just one little downer: it rains A LOT in Bergen. But as you probably know: there is no such thing as bad weather. Only wrong clothing.

My favorite things to do in Bergen

Hiking Mt Ulriken & Mt Fl├Şyen: Known as the gateway to the fjords, Bergen offers endless hiking opportunities on the seven mountain tops around the city. One of the most popular self-guided treks is the panoramic hike from Mount Ulriken to Mount Fl├Şyen across Vidden (around five hours).

If you want a shorter hike, Mount Fl├Şyen is a good option. You can either start the hike from the bottom of the mountain or take the Fl├Şibanen funicular up and start the hike from the top station.

Restaurant tips: I checked out the tips from Marina O’Loughlin and recommend to do the same. Down at the waterfront, at the Bryggen, a complex of tiny alleyways and pavements made from wood, is where you can get to grips with old Bergen (so much so that the area has been given Unesco World Heritage status). ItÔÇÖs worth fighting your way through the tour groups and seeking out the likes of local restaurants. – Also, make sure to check out Fish Me at the fish market. I LOVED it.

Fjord Cruise: I can recommend a day trip to the nearby Sognefjorden, the longest of the fjords in Norway and breathtakingly beautiful. For people interested in a more extensive voyage, check out the Hurtigruten. This cruise sets off from Bergen on a daily basis and travels all the way along the Norwegian coast to its northernmost point.

The Fjords of Norway

Well, I am honest: I did not really fall in love with Norway. Somehow I missed the magic from the Bavarian / Austrian / Swiss Alps. Don’t get me wrong, the landscape is very beautiful and, depending on the light and setting, you surely have some magical moments. But I was not as excited as I thought I would be.

Geiranger Fjord: Geiranger itself is VERY touristy and way too crowded for me. We went there via the “Trollstigen mountain road”, which is an absolute must-see attraction. We did not go to Trollstigen directly, but drove part of the 100km mountain pass. The road opened in 1936 and is a testimony to superb engineering and construction skills using the simplest of tools from the hard thirties. Definitely worth a photo stop.

I don’t think I would go on another ferry ride, though. It was just a one-hour trip from Geiranger to Hellesylt and too touristy for my taste. Me personally, I would simply stay in Stryn at a friend’s house, go biking & hiking to Geiranger and then do a kayak tour on the fjord. But, I do admit: the Geiranger fjord is one of the most gorgeous fjords in the world – that is for sure.

Sognefjord: This one I REALLY liked. The Sognefjord, situated in the middle of Fjord Norway, extends all of 204 km inland and contains some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery in Norway. National Geographic Traveler magazine has called this area “the world’s most iconic destination”. I would not go so far, but it was one of my highlights in Norway.


This was probably my favorite area: staying in a mountain hut, drinking hot chocolate, waking up to a magical sunrise, surrounded by nothing but a pretty lake and great nature. G├ąl├ą is a Norwegian resort in the district of Gudbrandsdalen, catering for both winter and summer leisure activities. However, it is definitely more popular during winter season, especially for cross-country skiing.

Hence, you can really enjoy some quiet and peaceful moments during late summer season. My personal recommendation: rent a nice cabin for a week and simply live the Norwegian kind of lifestyle.

Fl├ąm Railway

The Fl├ąm Line is a 20.2-kilometer long railway line between Myrdal and Fl├ąm in Aurland and has been described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Again, for me personally, the glacier express in Switzerland is far more magical, but you do get to see some picturesque houses and waterfalls during this little train ride, stopping at Kjosfossen waterfall. At this tourist stop you get to see the Huldra, an elusive forest spirit from Norse mythology, singing her song to the tourists. According to local folklore, she lures men into the woods to seduce them.

Is the train ride worth it? If you plan on traveling from Flam to Bergen, then this little stop is definitely worth it.

Make sure to take along some delicious Norwegian pastry. Darn, I almost got addicted to these sweet, little things.

All in all, yes, I was a little disappointed. It probably was insane to travel that far within such a short period of time. Make sure to schedule in at least three weeks when exploring this country so that you can actually enjoy it.

However, some day I will definitely go back visiting my friend Tobi, going on some awesome MTB tours over there. But I would also love to explore the north, the Lofoten and Norwegian Alps, trying to uncover some real mountain magic – hopefully.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel

Summer Hiking in Seefeld

The mountain range in Seefeld, Tyrol, is spectacular. Lying on a plateau between the Wetterstein mountains and the Karwendel, Seefeld offers magical views. However, I could not stay there for more than two days in a row. Since I prefer trail running over hiking, I would always choose Graub├╝nden in Switzerland or the Berchtesgaden Alps for my longer training sessions. BUT, although Seefeld is not really a trail paradise, it surely is a lovely hiking destination.

Summer Hiking in Seefeld

I gotta admit: the heat is killing me. 35 – 40 degrees Celsius in Germany, working ten hours a day is pretty tough this summer. Thus, I simply escaped to the mountains, spending some time in Seefeld, Austria. It was pretty hot out there as well, but up on the mountain there was at least a nice little breeze.

For those of you who are looking for an easy hiking tour you can still do during the hot summer months, I got a little touring tip: take the Flixbus from Munich to Seefeld, Rossh├╝tte. The hiking path starts directly at the valley station of the Rossh├╝tte. Simply follow the signs to the Hochegg-Alm and Rossh├╝tte, going up an easy path for about two hours. There are some steep passages, but they are very managable.

Make sure to make a stop for a nice picnic at the artificial cold water lake. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and it can be quite a romantic place, enjoying some private time. Afterwards, you reach the Rossh├╝tte where you can make a short stop as well. For me, it is a bit too touristy and too crowded, but for families with children it could be a nice option. I just prefer it quiet and peaceful. If you are up for a challenge like me, just keep going.

From the Rossh├╝tte, you can hike up to the Seefeldjoch and to the Seefelder Spitze, which takes about another two hours. But it is so worth it. However, there is not much shade, since you climb through alpine terrain. Make sure to bring enough fluids, wear sunscreen and a hat and try to make this tour in the early morning hours. Also, the tour to the Seefelder Spitze is for experienced hikers only.

All in all, certainly a nice tour for a day trip or a short weekend.


photo credits: Munich Mountain Rebel